How to chose best hosting service in Bangladesh

If you are in Bangladesh and thinking web presence of your business or want to have a personal blog, then you need following things to get ready-

Where you will get domain and web Hosting in Dhaka?

In Bangladesh there are lots of domain reseller and web hosting service provider, some of them providing these service for a decade or so. It does not matter how long they are providing hosting service. It matters how good service they provide. Here I will reveal secrets of Bangladeshi web hosting service providers.

99% of the hosting provider buy hosting from USA, UK, Singapore server, very few are from India. Namely 5 to 7 hosting from local data server.  Bangladesh hosting companies buy reseller hosting or server from US data center, install required software( WHM, Cpanel) and sell disc space of hosting with yearly charge.  Price depends on hosting quality, location of data center, physical resource of the the server.

Tip: when you will see cheap rated hosting provider price bellow than 1500Tk/GB/YR you will see the hosting is over crowded.

Also there are cloud hosting service available now a days. There are some fundamental difference in cloud hosting and shared hosting. I will write about it in my next post.

Domain name cost: 900-1500tk /yr
Hosting cost: 1000-3000tk /GB/Y


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