Pharmacy POS

Winmac Pharmacy POS

Winmac Pharmacy Point of Sale (Pharmacy POS) is a smart solution for managing Medicine Store which is designed & developed by Winmac System. It’s all powerful features will make your business easy to manage and transparent.

Winmac HiMS, Integrated Hospital Management System software designed and developed by Winmac System. It’s all powerful features brings together all aspects of hospital administration and management. Winmac HiMS is designed for Multi-specialty and Medical College Hospitals, Healthcare Clinic and Diagnostic centres.

Modules of the product:

  • Patient Registration
  • In Patient Department (IPD) Billing
  • Out Patient Department (OPD) or Emergency Billing
  • Diagnostic Billing
  • Diagnostic Report Preparation
  • Referral Management
  • Pharmacy POS
  • Hospital Accounts
  • Expense Management
  • General Inventory Management
  • OT Schedule Management
  • Blood Bank Inventory
  • Bed or Cabin Management
  • Medical Certification


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